uHub Cloud Storage
Panasonic Easy Setup tool for uHub
10 November 2014
A new IP camera set-up software has been launched for Panasonic’s BL series of cameras. The new Easy Setup Tool enables users to add Panasonic BL series cameras to uHub directly. This means there’s no need to make IP cam adjustments on the router or port.
iOS 8 compatibility issue impacts on the uHub mobile app’s auto-upload function
22 September, 2014
A compatibility issue arising from Apple’s new iOS 8 system is preventing the auto-upload feature from functioning. We are working on it, but if you need to free up space on your mobile device in the meantime...
The General Conditions and Special Conditions of uHub Service will be changed
10 July 2014
The General Conditions and Special Conditions of uHub Service will be changed as from 10 July 2014. Please click the button below to view the revised General Conditions and Special Conditions of uHub Service.
New photo view mode - enjoy your precious moment anytime!
27 May 2014
In new photo view mode, you are able to have a better experience to enjoy the photos in uHub account according to chronological order or specified date.
Support ends for uHub client software running on Windows XP and Mac OS X v10.6
8 April 2014
uHub client software will cease support for Windows XP and Mac OS X v10.6 (or earlier) operating systems with effect from April 8, 2014.
iOS uHub app launches!
15 Jan 2014
We take pride in introducing the new iOS uHub app, which is compatible with iOS 7. A clean and tidy interface enables you to access all your photos, videos and various files with the utmost ease and convenience.
uHub – Freshwave 2013 cloud storage partner
03 Dec 2013
Freshwave is a subsidiary of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and promotes production of short films by organizing the Fresh Wave Short Film Competition and Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival.
Store IP cam recordings at uHub
03 Oct 2013
No need to keep your PC running 24 hours a day just to store IP cam recordings on your hard disk. You do not need SD cards either,
Storage plan subscription
02 Oct 2013
Running out of storage for your files, photos and videos? Need more space to store IP cam recordings?
new uhub
22 MAR 2013
We have spent months revamping our website, with just one purpose – to make it a better place for you to store everything, share anything.