uHub Cloud Storage
What is uHub?
A cloud storage service from HKT provides a superb storage and sharing experience.

uHub has been redesigned to offer comprehensive convenience via a PC, Mac, mobile device and certain Smart TV sets. Sharing files is as simple as a few clicks.

We know your backed-up files are vitally important to you. so we enable you to restore them at any time, in the event of accidental deletion. File size will never be a problem with uHub!
Online backup and storage sync desktop and mobile
Online storage and backup
Sync desktop and mobile
  • Huge storage space means you can upload and store photos, songs, videos and documents from your PC or mobile devices
  • No matter how or from where you upload, uHub auto-syncs files so you can access them on your PC or mobile devices
Share publicly or privately
Share publicly or privately
  • ‘Share’ function :
    Share files or folders with friends by sending them a public sharing link with optional password protection
  • ‘Private Share’ function :
    Share folders with friends privately, by invitation only, and grant them the right to upload or delete files in your shared folder. File sharing within a group has never been so easy!
Play video anytime, anywhere
Play video anytime, anywhere
  • Don’t worry about video format*. Simply click to play via the uHub app on your mobile devices or certain Smart TV sets.
*Supports up to 15 video file formats
Other outstanding uHub features
  • A TV optimization feature enables you to view high-quality playback on a Samsung Smart TV
  • Play photo slideshow on desktop, mobile devices or on certain Smart TV via uHub app
  • Store your video and music files at uHub and play via uHub app when on the move
  • Save files or folders shared by your friends directly to your uHub account without downloading it
Work with uHub
Work with uHub
uHub takes care of files backup and sharing, so you don't have to!
  • Store working files at uHub without carrying a USB drive
  • Share huge files without compressing or splitting them
  • Share and exchange files within a private group
Play with uHub
Play with uHub
uHub save your time when transferring files. No need to burn CDs. More time means more fun!
  • Upload your videos and music to uHub, then play on different devices
  • Share photos and videos with friends after a trip
  • Collect photos from buddies after a social gathering or other event
Family with uHub
Family with uHub
Store photos and videos at uHub, then view magic moments anytime on your mobile device or Smart TV!
  • Graduation, newborn joy, a wedding – store and share these happy memories with ease
  • Play a slideshow of your uHub-stored photos on certain Smart TV models
  • Playback IP cam recordings on a mobile device anytime to remind you of your loved ones
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