uHub Cloud Storage
Frequently asked questions
1. General questions
a. What is uHub? And what does it enable me to do?
uHub is a cloud storage service from HKT that provides a superb storage and sharing experience. uHub enables users to:
  • Store content such as videos, music, photos and documents
  • Share any uHub-stored content publicly or privately
  • Enjoy uHub-stored content at any time, via the web, on desktop or mobile devices, as well as certain Samsung Smart TV models.
b. What platforms are supported by uHub?
uHub supports a web interface, PC/Mac client software; an Android, BlackBerry or iOS mobile app and certain Smart TV models.
c. How should I register for a uHub account?
Please click here to sign up. You can sign up as a NETVIGATOR, 1O1O or csl mobile service customer to get extra storage after register uHub account successfully
d. Is uHub availability limited to HKT customers?
No. You can register for a free uHub account, even if you are not an HKT customer.
e. What media types are supported by the video transcoding feature?
3GP, AVI, FLV, M4V, MOV, MP4, MPG, MPEG, RM, RV, RMVB, VOB, WMV, M2TS, MTS, TS and MKV video formats.
f. What is the maximum upload per batch?
Maximum upload size per batch is 5GB, while the maximum number of files that can be uploaded per batch is 250.
2. About storage
a. What is the free storage entitlement for uHub users?
HKT customers and non-HKT customers benefit from varying storage entitlements. Please click here for details.
b. How do I get more storage?

A storage upgrade option is currently available to HKT customers. Simply call 2888 0008 or visit 1O1O / csl shop for details.

c. What will happen to my uHub account if I terminate the NETVIGATOR broadband/1O1O mobile service/csl mobile service/ csl Wi-Fi service/NETVIGATOR Everywhere account I used to register for uHub?
Your uHub storage entitlement will be terminated or downgraded. In such a scenario, you would be required to back up uHub-stored data before your entitlement is terminated, when files therein would be deleted.
3. About web interface
a. Which web browsers are supported?
Microsoft IE (v8 or newer), Firefox (v12 or newer) , Chrome and Safari (PC, Mac and iOS).
b. What web interface features are supported?
uHub users can use a uHub web interface to store files at uHub, download files from uHub, share files publicly and privately, play video and music instantly, view photo slideshows and restore deleted files.
4. About mobile app
a. How do I download the uHub mobile app?
Go to the relevant app store* and search for “uHub”. Then download the uHub app and install it in your mobile device.

*iOS users should go to the Apple App Store, Android to the Google Play Store, and BlackBerry to BlackBerry App World.
b. What mobile devices are compatible with uHub’s mobile app?
iOS: Supports iPhone and iPad running on iOS 6.0 to iOS 8.X .
Android: Supports Android smartphones or tablets running on Android 2.3 or newer.
BlackBerry: Supports BlackBerry 10 only.
c. What features are supported by uHub’s mobile app?
The uHub mobile app can be used to store files at uHub, download files from uHub, share files publicly and privately, auto upload photos & videos, restore files, play video and music instantly and view photo slideshows.
5. About PC client
a. How do I download the PC client?
Click here to download the PC client. You can also go to our “Download” page to download the client software.
b. What are the system requirements for the uHub PC client?
Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Windows XP users should use our web interface to enjoy uHub’s complete range of features.
c. How do I check my uHub storage via uHub’s PC client?
When running uHub, you will find a tray icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the system tray. You can check your total uHub usage and get a detailed breakdown per file category and/or available storage space.
d. What features are supported by PC client?
The uHub PC client can be used to store files at uHub, download files from uHub, share files publicly and privately, play video and music instantly, view photos and restore deleted files.
e. What is "Upload Thread" at Preferences?
There are 3 options for upload session. For optimal upload performance we recommend to apply as follows:
- Internet bandwidth 200MB or less, suggest to set "1".
- Internet bandwidth above 300MB, suggest to set "2".
- Internet bandwidth above 500MB, suggest to set "3".
6. About Mac client
a. How do I download the Mac client?
Click here to download, or go to our “Download” page to download the client software.
b. What are the system requirements for uHub’s Mac client?
Mac OS X v10.7 or newer.
c. How do I check my uHub storage via uHub’s Mac client?
Click on the “uHub” logo on the Mac menu bar, then select “Show Storage Statistic” to check your uHub storage.
d. Why does Mac OS X Mountain Lion block the uHub installer?
You need to follow Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion system suggestions by going to: System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Select “click the lock to make changes”. At “Allow application download from”, select “Anywhere”.
e. What features are supported by the Mac client?
uHub users can use uHub’s Mac client to store files at uHub, download files from uHub, view photos and play video and music instantly.
7. About TV app
a. What TV sets are supported by uHub’s TV app? How do I download uHub’s TV app?
Samsung Smart TV models, with the Smart hub system, supported by uHub’s TV app. Go to Samsung Apps to download uHub’s TV app.
b. What features are supported by the TV app?
The uHub TV app enables users to access photos, videos and music. You can opt to transcode your uploaded video into a playable format for TV viewing.
8. About IP cam on uHub
a. What IP camera models are supported by uHub?
uHub now supports following:
D-Link IP camera models: DCS-820L, DCS-825L, DCS-855L, DCS-942L, DCS-5222L & DCS-5222LB1.

You can find the DCS-825L/DCS-855L Ip camera setup guide here.

Panasonic IP camera models: BL-VP101U, BL-VP104U, BL-VP104WU, BL-VT164U, BL-VT164WU, WV-SF132E, WV-SW155E, WV-SW174W, WV-SW174WE, WV-SW175E, WV-SF135E, WV-ST165 & WV-SC384.
b. What is Panasonic Easy Setup Tool?
The Panasonic Easy Setup Tool is a tool provided by Panasonic to allow you to seamlessly setup your Panasonic IP camera to uHub. Through this tool, you don’t need to worry about your broadband router settings. As long as your broadband router supports UPnP, this tool does it all for you.

You can download the Panasonic Easy Setup Tool here.

Currently, the Panasonic Easy Setup Tool supports the following IP camera models: BL-VP101U, BL-VP104U, BL-VP104WU, BL-VT164U and BL-VT164WU.
c. Why my camera cannot setup to uHub?
You need to ensure your router supports uPnP.
d. I successfully completed setup using Panasonic easy setup tool, but why I cannot access to the camera at uHub?
You will need to check the following:
- Ensure the camera is online;
- Check if the modem and router is online;
- If you have changed the Panasonic IP Cam username and password, you will also need to ensure you have updated these information at uHub > camera edit page.
e. How do I access the IP cam set-up page?
You can select "My IP Cam" under the icon in the top right-hand corner to access the IP cam set-up page.
f. Can I set up my IP cam via uHub mobile app or TV app?
You can only set up your IP cam via the uHub website, but you can access recorded files via a mobile app or TV app.
g. Where can I find my recorded files?
Your recorded files will be stored in the “IP cam” folder in 10mins interval. Records will be grouped in different folders named after the relevant IP cam name. Alternatively, you can click icon from the camera list page to access the recording folder. While on smartphone, your recordings will only be found from IPCAM folder from “All Files” on your mobile app.
h. What video quality can I expect from the recording?
The support recording quality is based on your camera capability. Current video ratio aspect is 16:9 and 4:3; depending on camera default setting. uHub support three types of video quality: Low quality at 320x180, standard quality at 640x360 and high quality at 1280x720.
i. How many recorded IP cam files can I store at uHub?
You can use up all your uHub storage to store recorded videos.
For your reference, 1GB of storage allows you to record a maximum of:
- 1 hour and 40 mins of 720P videos or;
- 3 hours and 20 mins of 360P videos or;
- 3 hours and 20 mins of 180P videos.
j. What are the maximum hours for recording?
On direct recording; upon activation it will continue to record up to 8 hours.
For schedule recordings, it can record up 24 hours, 7days a week. The actual recording time is very much depends on your available uHub storage.
k. Why does my recording files sometimes appear black screen or being lost?
This is mainly due to IP Cam WiFi connection failure during recordings; we recommend you to connect an Ethernet cable between your broadband router and the IP Cam to improve the connection stability of such problem happened.

Another reason for black screen or file lost is when IP Cam connection is occupied by other 3rd party applications or by camera’s default software. Please try to stop all other IP Cam connections during recording to improve recording stability.
l. What is the internet bandwidth requirement for IP cam recording?
At least 2Mbps upload bandwidth is required to achieve stable IP Cam recordings.